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Hello, I’m Andrew

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’ve created this page to help kick-start more meaningful human connections. Most of what you read here I wouldn’t normally say out loud. I’m hoping it might be helpful to you and that it might spur useful conversation to help me understand you too.

I live in beautiful Wellington, New Zealand, with my amazing wife Jas, our two young rapscallions, Fox and Dot, and our hungry dog, Bowie. It’s important to me that we have time to eat together, make things, and enjoy the little things in life.

People have described me as calm, curious, and perceptive. I really enjoy learning and try to consider many perspectives, especially when they’re different to my own. What’s yours?

My opinions are often more flexible than they seem. I tend to ask questions or reflect when I hear new information, and I prefer to consider available options when making a decision.

I find life easier when people say what they mean. Please ask questions if you’re unsure what I’m thinking. My face doesn’t always give it away, or so I’m told.

Andrew Mayfield in Queenstown

I think a lot about the future and how we might do better and be better. I love riffing on ideas. If you’ve got one I’d love to hear it.

I thoroughly enjoy creative activities and don’t make nearly enough time for them. I do my very best thinking in the shower or while out walking alone. I’m best at reading on a plane or when listening to the rain.

I’m often fascinated by word choices. I seek clarity and sometimes find humour and intrigue in thinking about the intended, unintended, or alternate meanings for things we say and how we say them.

In my work as CEO at Optimal Workshop my role is to curate an environment of freedom and responsibility where everyone can do their best work. You can help me with this by pointing out whenever you see things that don’t fit with this objective.

According to Gallup my strengths are: finding connections between disparate phenomena, creating alternate ways to proceed, inspiring others with visions of the future, engaging in work that stretches my talents, and working hard with friends to reach a goal. You’re welcome to read my StrengthsFinder Insights Report, and my Team Management Profile.

I like meeting new people and can be a little quiet until I get to know you. I’ll warm up.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email.

If there’s anything else I should include in this guide, or any statements you feel are inconsistent with what you know to be true, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for caring enough to read this far :)

Andrew Mayfield

PS. If you’d ever be kind enough to offer me feedback I will gratefully receive it.