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Hello, I’m Andrew

I like to think of myself as calm, curious, and perceptive. I usually ask questions when I receive new information. I prefer to know my options and understand implications before making a decision.

I love when people say things as they see them. I appreciate when people ask questions if they feel unsure. My opinions are often more flexible than they appear. This is because I enjoy learning and will consider many perspectives.

I enjoy creative activities but don’t make enough time for them. I do my very best thinking in the shower or whilst out walking. I’m best at reading on a plane, or when listening to the rain.

I like new people by default, but I’m often a little quiet until I get to know you. Please be patient; I’ll warm up.

You can read my StrengthsFinder Insights, and my Team Management Profile.

And you can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Everything in this guide is flexible and dependent on circumstance. I hope this helps us to discuss personal style and meet our objectives together.

If there’s anything else I should include in this guide please don’t hesitate to let me know ☺